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How does syndication work?

Boating syndication works very much in the same way as a number of other syndication systems.

At BSA, we have learned to identify the most popular styles and brands of boats. We purchase a boat and offer shares to potential owners.


Each owner is exactly that. You own your share in the boat. So, if you buy into a syndicate of 10 shares, you own one 10th of the boat. That entitles you to a tenth of the boat's available time on the water. We need to reserve some time during the year for regular maintenance but, other than that, the owners share time on the water. We provide a calendar which you use to reserve days or weeks.


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A one tenth share usually entitles you to 33 days on the water. Beyond that, you can take advantage of any day when no other owner wants to use the boat. Those are your "free" days. They cost no more. All owners share the ongoing costs of berthing, insurance and regular maintenance. Those costs are shared equally. The only significant individual cost is fuel. Each owner pays for the fuel they use.

How do I access the most popular days?

Most of our clients are time poor and travel often. So many are otherwise occupied with family or business on popular days such as Christmas, New Year's Eve and Australia Day.


However, we do operate a nomination process so that all owners have reasonable and equal access to popular holiday times.

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What if I want to sell my share?

You may sell your share at any time. We inform you of the current anticipated market value and market your share accordingly.


We make every endeavour to gain the best price available but be aware that, like all property such as boats and cars, the value depreciates over time.

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What will my average fuel costs be?

Depending on how fast and how far you travel, the average fuel amount should be between $150 and $200.


New vessels with pod drive systems are around 30 percent more economical than a conventional shaft drive boat of the same size.


Our experience is that, during the first three months of your ownership, your fuel bill will be higher than normal as you explore new waterways and find your favourite spots and challenge yourself with your new vessel. After that time, the real relaxation begins.


Can you arrange catering, drinks and a skipper?

At BSA everything can be arranged on the owner’s behalf.


Let us know the function, whether corporate or personal, and we will arrange a day (or longer) that will surpass all your expectations. Leave everything to us.

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