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Welcome to the Training Portal

Whether you are new to boating or an experienced skipper, we provide a comprehensive two or three-day training course to ensure you fully understand all operations of your new vessel, both electrically and mechanically.


The better we do our job to train you at the beginning, the more confident you will be as a boat owner/skipper and the better the boat is treated long term. After the initial training period is completed and all owners have experienced a stay on board overnight to fully experience their boat, we follow up with an additional evening navigation course after about two months. This ensures you can safely navigate the waterways in your new boat during the evenings and really feel safe and confident while learning a new skill.


Most private boat owners never receive this training. They learn by mistakes. BSA takes these very expensive mistakes out of the boat-owning process and allows owners to truly learn the right way from beginning with very experienced operators.


We have also created a training video series allowing our skippers to recap on any areas at anytime. Perfect for when your at sea and need to ensure that what your doing is correct.


To access all of the training videos, login using your BSA training password.

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