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About Boating Syndication Australia

The BSA team has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is focused on the boating requirements of our clients. That is why we already have a variety of luxury boat brands, styles and sizes in our fleet as well as various syndication structures. It is your boating choice, your lifestyle and we aim to deliver what you need.

After many years of managing and syndicating vessels, we fully understand the fundamentals of syndicated ownership. You are not only buying a share in a syndicated boat but complete peace of mind and a boating lifestyle that is totally stress and hassle free.

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You arrive at your boat to begin a day, a weekend or a week on board and your boat is exceptionally clean, fuelled, checked and ready to go. When you return, we are waiting to help you dock if you require. You simply step off and we take care of the rest.

We believe our service and our attitude to boating lifestyle is what keeps our clients coming back, again and again.

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