BSA's boat share structure is designed to ensure that your asset - your boat - is always unencumbered and owned by the owners. BSA finances and structures the initial syndication between the owners but, once the syndicate is formed, we step back to become managers on your behalf. You own the boat. Should anything happen to BSA, you continue to own the boat.


Generally, you will find it is much more cost-effective to own a portion of a vessel than an entire vessel. How many times have you driven past a marina and seen all those boats sitting there doing nothing? All that money tied up in a depreciating asset


BSA ensures that your asset is maintained to the highest standard, allowing a good return on the initial equity invested, providing a luxurious lifestyle while not breaking the bank.


BSA can facilitate boat syndications throughout Australia and New Zealand with two to 10 owners. We also manage various private vessels. Click here to learn more about our private vessel management program.


At BSA, we make it our priority to make your boating experience as enjoyable as possible. We don’t just provide you with your immaculately clean boat, we ensure your boat is equipped with all the comforts that you will desire - for the whole family.


We don't just stop there. We can also provide a skipper if you want to spend time entertaining your guests. We are only a phone call away to organise a skipper for your outing and can also organise catering - ready on your boat - nothing for you to do but relax!.

Here a some of the leisure and services you can enjoy just by being a boat share customer of Boating Syndication Australia.