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Boating Syndication Australia
is expanding its business into Europe

Boating Syndication Australia is taking its successful boat share model overseas, launching the innovative Boatshare program in Europe. With a thriving community of 500+ owners in Australia and a fleet of 56 boats across 8 locations, this expansion marks a significant milestone.


By offering true ownership experience while managing services like maintenance, we are looking to redefine boat ownership abroad. As of August 1st, 2023, we became the first Australian boat share enterprise in Europe, cementing its trailblazing status. This expansion reflects the company's dedication to revolutionizing boating worldwide.

How it works

  • 5-year syndication exploring the Mediterranean Sea

  • 4 years cruising around on your fully crewed yacht exploring different countries around the Mediterranean Sea including Spain, Italy and Greece. 

  •  5th year “best of the best” owners get to decide which location they want to return to or choose another destination.

  • 20% shares = 6 weeks per year (2 x 3-week blocks)

  • Season from February to October

  • Owners get to choose from the following.

  • Pick 1, (3-week block) between February – 1st half of June.

  • Pick 1, (3-week block) between 2nd half of June – October 


A 5-year syndication exploring the Mediterranean Sea


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The Locations


  • Mallorca

  • Ibiza

  • Formentera

  • Menorca


  • Positano

  • Amalfi

  • Capri

  • Sardegna


Ionian Islands

  • Corfu

  • Lefkas

  • Kelafonia

  • Zarynthos


Dodecanese Islands

  • Rhodes

  • Symi

  • Kos

  • Kalymnos

The Costings

3 Full time crew

  • Captain

  • Stew/Chef

  • Deckhand

5 Year syndication

  • 4 different locations

  • 1 best of the best

20% Share = 6 weeks per annum

$700,000 x 20% Share

Annual costs depending on location

  • Spain - $80,640 Euro

  • Italy - $72,240 Euro

  • Greece Ionian - $60720 Euro

  • Greece Dodecanese Islands - Enquire

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