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Imagine walking with your family onto a marina. Your gleaming motor yacht awaits, clean, fully stocked and ready for you to explore the waterways. This is the Boating Syndication Australia experience.

The team at BSA has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is focused on your boating requirements. That is why we have a variety of luxury boat brands, styles and sizes in our fleet as well as various syndication structures. It is your boating choice, your lifestyle and we aim to deliver what you need.


After many years of managing and syndicating vessels, we fully understand the fundamentals of syndicated ownership. As well as a share in a syndicated boat, we offer you complete peace of mind and a boating lifestyle that is totally stress and hassle free.


When you arrive at your boat to begin a day, a weekend or a week on board, your boat is exceptionally clean, fuelled, checked and ready to go. When you return, we are waiting to help you dock if you require. You simply step off and we take care of the rest.


We believe our service and our attitude to boating lifestyle is what keeps our clients coming back, again and again.


BSA has been the industry leader for many years with more than 240 families currently as owners. We offer the best vessels and an affordable high-quality service.

  • 10 shares available in each boat (Other percentage options available)

  • Three-year ownership term

  • 33 days per year plus unlimited stand-by days

  • Bookings are administered via an easy online booking system

  • 7 days consecutive bookings for a 10% share

  • Fully comprehensive two day training program provided

  • A detailed cleaning program (including interior  and exterior) after each use to ensure the boat is immaculately maintained and presented for each owner

  • Linen, towels, coffee, tea plus more all supplied for each owner

  • Full engine manufacturer maintenance and service package

  • Net proceeds of the sale at term are divided evenly between owners, NO EXIT FEE.

  • You can sell your share at anytime during the syndication term

  • Other options available such as four owners with 25% share each or buy an additional share for more time

The team at BSA looks forward to introducing you to your best boat owning experience and hope we'll see you out on the water soon.​

Walk ok walk off

"I have been researching boat shares and syndication's for many years and have never really felt comfortable with any offer. This was until I was introduced by chance to BSA. I started my research with a basic phone call and have felt from that day that BSA operated a very good business that puts the customer first regardless whether you buy into a tinny or a 88 foot monster. I asked so many questions and they had the right answers every time. Their calm and flexible approach really made me feel comfortable into entering one of their syndications. Now we are in, we are over the moon. They have kept up every promise and nothing is an issue. Thanks, BSA. Highly recommended." Feb 2019



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